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research on the culinary tourismization of alaska

alaskan red king crab

During my first year at Michigan State, I got the unique opportunity to work with nationally renowned food historian Dr. Helen Veit. Dr. Veit guided my work and helped me find an interest in a shift I had noticed involving Alaskan cuisine.

I came to this realization, after sifting through hundreds of historic cookbooks, that Alaskan cuisine had essentially been tourismized to meet the stereotypical perspectives of American consumerism following Alaska's induction as a state. "Traditional" recipes that are in current Alaskan cookbooks and online, are incredibly different than what was seen pre-statehood.

My research is an important insight onto how Alaska blended into America when it was inducted as a state. Food can be salient in revealing certain societal trends and changes.

I was fortunate to present this research at the Undergraduate University Research and Arts Forum and the Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Expo. My research later toured the campus of Michigan State as part of a research education series, and I also used it to teach a workshop to undergraduate students about presenting at forums.

UURAF presentation poster crab

you can read more about my work on a quick site I made for my first ever presentation here