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the CUBE

the CUBE's website'

When the CUBE was launched at MSU in 2018 it was actually called the DCPC (Digital and Community Publishing Collective). I was brought onto the team by Dr. Kate Birdsall to serve primarily as a social media expert, but my role quickly expanded. I was a huge part of the teams preliminary planning processes, helping the pioneer organization build a website, logo and brand.

When we eventually rebranded as the CUBE (PPP, Publishing Process and Praxis), our organization began performing what it sought to do. The CUBE is a consulting platform for all of Michigan State's publications and serves as an umbrella organization connecting all the different editorials and magazines together.

After first building the CUBE’s website on Wix, we began working on new projects for our constituents. I had created mockups for both the Journal for Emerging Technologies and Pedagogies as well as MSU student-run journal The Red Cedar Review. It was essential that I was preparing websites to be manageable and passed on to next designers following my graduation using Wordpress. I have also spent time working with other CUBE student employees in efforts to build the digital presence of organizations in an accessible way. In the fall of 2019, I worked with professors Kate Birdsall and Jeff Kuure to audit, design, and remake the website and brand for the on-campus student magazine: the Current.

the Current's first issue in winter 2019'

new websites and projects are currently in production for many of our supported organizations