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healthcare connectors

healthcare connectors mock wireframe

In lieu of the recent water crisis, Flint Michigan has been in the national spotlight. However, due to widespread focus towards fundamental human needs, the rising opioid epidemic and mental health issues in the Flint community have been overlooked.

In my junior year, two of my peers and I began working on a solution for the city of Flint, Michigan that revolved heavily around health coaching and connecting community organizations with one another. We did hands-on user research including A/B testing, focus groups, observational learning and interviews. Using our findings, we were able to determine that many social workers had a difficult time connecting struggling residents with proper care beyond the doctor's office.

Our project's goal was to transform the way community organizations connect with one another to ultimately help Flint residents access health and wellness care in Flint, MI.

We finished our project by creating testable wireframes and mock ups for an online platform that will allow organizations to connect with one another and potential patients. The platform works by allowing community partners to create a profile with updated information about their current offerings, and allowing potential patients to find up-to-date resources with low barriers to entry.

you can find a sample of our work and final stakeholder presentation here