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main center family medicine website

MCFM site

Main Center Family Medicine is a small family practice in Northville, Michigan I used to work at when I was in high school. Since I still talk to many of the employees today, I was told that their website had been hacked and effectively rendered useless during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I volunteered to build a new website for the frontline workers, equipped with easy backend access and the ability to create a pop-up message detailing the change in company hours due to the virus.

I knew this was a time-sensitive project and that I needed to get some form of site running immediately. I uses the internet archive to grab some bits of content from the old running site, and I quickly put together a running website on my server. I was able to then have multiple meetings with the doctors at the practice, and update things accordingly. From there, I got the opportunity to make some adjustments to the color scheme and work within specific bounds of the new style.

What was difficult on this project was the fact that I was designing for people who have little to no experience with web design or management. In many of my previous projects it has been easy to set-up a Wordpress site for my experienced end-users, but in this case I found myself in a new role as a teacher. I ended up stumbling on the Divi Builder, which proved to turn much of the work I already did into an easily editable, drag-and-drop interface. Using the Divi Builder, I taught the office manager how to effectively make changes to the site, add new pages, and remove unwanted content; all while retaining the style of the website.

I also got much more comfortable with the use of third-party widgets in Wordpress. I used Icegram to easily enable pop-up messaging, so that the office could effectively make adjustments to hours for special circumstances like COVID-19.

Here is what the old website looked like before my redesign:

a picture of the old MCFM site

Here is what I quickly volunteered to make for the office in a matter of days:

a picture of the new MCFM site

a mobile rendition of the new MCFM site

you can access the live website here