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msu it knowledge-base wiki

screenshot of MSU RHS wiki

Upon the beginning of my sophomore year at Michigan State, I began working for the university's IT department supporting the Residential and Hospitality Services division. Although much of my time here was spent troubleshooting IT problems for users, I also got to dip my toes in the administrative side of the department.

Not only was I eventually responsible for training new members on the team, but I also headed an effort to document processes that were successful in fixing problems. I turned to my knowledge in wiki-creation, a skill I had picked up from my time spent on the DC Comics wiki as a child, and helped launch a private wiki page for the technicians at MSU.

This wiki page consisted of passwords used for special devices and programs, documents that walked users through new updates, methods for solving common issues, and so much more. I wrote somewhere close to 50+ articles for the wiki, with a strong focus on documenting the new provisioning processes I had discovered following our Windows 10 update.

Although I no longer work for the IT department, I was informed that the wiki is still in use as of October 2019.