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shelby k.a. photography

a picture of Shelby K.A. Photography's home screen

During the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, I decided it was important to continue to stay busy after the dramatic and abrupt end to my college days. I figured that I could better enhance my skills, as well as grow my portfolio as much as possible during my time at home. My friend Shelby had been starting to look into better advertising her photography business, and had created a website using the free version of Wix. I offered to create her a new website on my server for free, that way I could practice my skills and she could better represent her stellar photography work.

At first glance, it seemed like a daunting project. How do my web design skills compete with the fluidity and ease-of-access that Wix has? How can I better capture the style she was aiming for? How can I produce a site that she can easily add new client albums to? These were all initial questions I asked when examining her site.

I chose to build out her new site using Wordpress and the Divi builder. I had spent a lot of time working with Divi on some other projects during the Pandemic, so it felt natural and gave me the options to include some of those clean and beautiful Wix-y elements like parallax scroll effects and fluid galleries.

Some of the roadblocks I ran into on this project were photo optimization, test-site to new domain space transfer, and juggling this project on top of my other web development work with the CUBE.

to see the finished project, you can visit the live website here