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broken typography

At Michigan State University, Experience Architecture students are not required to take classes in Typography. Instead, the class can count for an elective credit. Out of interest, I decided to enroll myself in Studio Art 365 and survived the grueling 3 hour studio classes, 3 times a week from 6pm to 9pm. Although the class proved to be incredibly tumultuous on my already busy college schedule, I found so much reward in the work that we were doing.

Often we were required to follow specific typographic instructions and color between the lines, but one project we were given free rein to let our imaginations run wild. As I was struggling that semester with some things, I created this very interpersonal piece that I felt represented how this new art form introduced itself into my life. Entitled "b r o k e n" the piece portrays a life shattered that can only find metaphorical resonance in newfound mediums.